Mar 2016
Syria's Palmyra can be restored in five years, says antiquities chief
Eighty percent of ruins in the city of Palmyra are '"in good shape," despite the damage inflicted by IS jihadists, Syria's antiquities chief says. But some experts are less upbeat in their assessment. Syrian antiquities experts were to travel to Palmyra on Monday to begin a closer evaluation of...
Counter Punch
Apr 2016
The Wounded Phoenix of Palmyra
Eyewitness accounts from the scene this morning (3/30/2016) confirm that the Syrian Army has liberated all parts of the city of Palmyra (Tadmor) including all of the ancient city, from 10 months of occupation and destruction by ISIS. The Syrian army spokesman explained that the city, home to some...
Franklin Lamb
Apr 2016
Iran and Russia join the global alliance to preserve Syria's Endangered Heritage
The Islamic Republic of Iran announced this week that it is ready to take part in the restoration of archeological monuments damaged or destroyed by ISIS terrorists in Palmyra (Tadmor), which was named one of the six UN World Heritage Sites in Syria in 1980. The Head of Iran's Cultural Heritage,...