Guests book & blurb

Professor Richard A. Falk

United Nations Special Rapporteur (UNHRC)

"This is an extraordinary book by an extraordinary person. With incredible courage and dedication Franklin Lamb has compiled a vivid record of the precious cultural treasures being ravaged by the war in Syria, making us realize just how deeply valuable this cultural heritage is for our shared sense of humanity. Somehow this vividly illustrated account of the devastation of hallowed ancient sites of many cultural traditions reaches our minds and hearts more directly and profoundly than do news reports and casualty figures, even alarming as these may be."

Prof. Dr. George Jabbour

President, UN association of Syria

Franklin Lamb’s work, Syria's Endangered Heritage, is an act of love to Syria and its endangered heritage. He does not approach his subject as an American, which he is, or as a Syrian, which he is not, but as a human being faithful to his humanity, a species most needed in our time of trial.

Dr. Lamb has accomplished, admirably, a most comprehensive work.  His book is a call and guide for action, and the United Nations will well serve her mission if she acts, in good faith and will, to honor his call  and pursue his guidance.