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Irina Bokova

Director-General of UNESCO

"Syria’s Cultural Heritage, which all of us share, is indeed fundamentally endangered. By war, looting, illegal excavations and malicious destruction, among others. Cultural sites have a universal value - they belong to all and must be protected by all. We are not just talking about stones and buildings. We are talking about values, identities and belonging. I strongly appeal to all parties to protect Syria’s archeological sites and antiquities, which define our very identity. And to make every possible effort to prevent its destruction.

Dr. Lamb’s remarkable book is an invaluable resource to galvanize us all to end the manifold assaults endangering our Global Heritage in Syria."


John Kerry

United States Secretary of State

“Franklin Lamb’s important book, Syria’s Endangered Heritage, is a reminder of our values and of our connectedness with Syria’s ten millennia cultural heritage which we all share. Our heritage is literally in peril in this moment, and we believe it is imperative that we act now to preserve and protect our heritage along the lines proposed in Dr. Lamb’s book on this subject.

So many different traditions trace their roots back to Syria as we all know. This is the first thing many of us learned in school. The looting of Apamea and Dura Europos, and now threatening Palmyra, the devastation caused by fighting in the ancient UNESCO heritage city of Aleppo and Homs and hundreds of other antiquity sites aren’t just a tragedy for the Syrian people. These acts of vandalism are a tragedy for all civilized people, and the civilized world must take a stand.

How shocking and historically shameful it will be if we do nothing while the forces of chaos rob the very cradle of our civilization. Extremists want to rob future generations of any connection to this past. That is profoundly what is at stake. And if we leave it unstopped, if we don’t stand up, we are all complicit.”

Washington, DC