Guests book & blurb

President Jimmy Carter

President of the United States from 1977 to 1981

"All citizens who are willing to abide by the rule of law — including women, youth and minority religious sects — should be treated equally. There is also a great need is for strong institutions and respect for our shared cultural heritage that is now also under violent assault in Syria, in places like Aleppo, Raqqa and now Palmyra.  Franklin Lamb has written an important book, Syria’s Endangered Heritage-An International Responsibility to protect and Preserve. We at the Carter Center believe that this powerful volume can help in the struggle to preserve and protect our global heritage-which is a core international human right that has been in the custody of the people of Syria for millennia."

Professor Richard A. Falk

United Nations Special Rapporteur (UNHRC)

"This is an extraordinary book by an extraordinary person. With incredible courage and dedication Franklin Lamb has compiled a vivid record of the precious cultural treasures being ravaged by the war in Syria, making us realize just how deeply valuable this cultural heritage is for our shared sense of humanity. Somehow this vividly illustrated account of the devastation of hallowed ancient sites of many cultural traditions reaches our minds and hearts more directly and profoundly than do news reports and casualty figures, even alarming as these may be."